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Accessories Perfect partners for our creasing matrix

Man Mat offers a complete makeready system. It’s about a lot more than just creasing matrix. Our DIAMOND, ProCrease and SureScore creasing matrix lines are perfectly complemented by our range of dedicated accessories from cutting mitres to anti-friction sprays and shim tapes. For the perfect job, insist on genuine Man Mat accessories when using DIAMOND, ProCrease and SureScore creasing matrix.


Stainless steel, self-adhesive shim tapes

SureShim is a range of hardened stainless steel, self-adhesive shim tapes, available in a precise range of sizes that allows the user to select and increment the thickness of the shims from a minimum thickness of 0.03mm up to 0.10mm.

It is available in three sizes:

  • 0.03mm height, 10m length
  • 0.05mm height, 10m length
  • 0.10mm height, 10m length

SureShim is 8.0mm wide and, for maximum ease of use, it has a 12mm finger-lift backing on the adhesive film. The transfer adhesive system is specially formulated allowing for both short and long term bonding, yet can be easily removed or replaced. Made from 40 Rockwell hardened stainless steel, its resistance to crushing or deformation is very high plus it is very stable as it is non-oxidising, making it suitable for formes that are being used from long term storage.

SureClean Plus

Platen-cleaning solvent

SureClean PLUS is a new, fast-evaporating platen cleaning solvent for all types of production machinery. It has a high flash point and is safe on all metals, paints and plastics.
It is a safe replacement for 1.1.1. Trichloroethane.

SureClean PLUS leaves no residue and is completely non-conductive.

It is totally simple to use. Just spray the area or parts to clean, leave to dry and wipe away (in a well-ventilated area).


Anti-friction spray

SureSlip is a high-performance silicone lubricant contained in an aerosol spray that offers a considerable reduction in friction, when applied to a multitude of surfaces.

Used with SureClean Plus it ensures long term platen/forme care, stopping rust and tarnish build-up on rules.

A sparse application to the cutting forme before fitting creasing matrix allows an easier fit of locator to creasing rule.

SureCut 3

Double-mitre bench cutter

SureCut 3 is a truly universal machine, with an infinitely-adjustable matrix guide to suit all types of creasing matrix up to 15mm wide, including Off-Centre, Reverse Crease and Double Crease.

Manufactured to exacting standards, its features include:

  • CNC billet-machined main body
  • Precision-engineered cutting blade holder
  • Double 75 degree included angle cutting blades
  • Blades made from standard cutting rules
  • Four-position cutting anvil made from tool steel
  • Reversible scale for metric and imperial measurements to 600mm

Alignment of the centre line cut is easily and quickly achieved by rotating the lead screw adjuster, and thus moving the matrix guide.

The longer handle ensures enough torque for the cutter to mire all types of matrix products with minimal effort.

SureCut Universal

Handheld mitre cutter

SureCut Universal is a quality, precision mitre-cutting, hand tool – a perfect companion for the SureCut 3 bench-mounted double mitre cutter. It caters for all 7mm, 10mm and 12mm matrix including finger-lift variants, replacing the old-style 7/10mm & 12mm cutters.

Robust all-metal construction and versatile design offer the following special features:

  • Unique parallel action handles for a perfect mitre with minimum effort.
  • Special 75 included angle mitre for additional clearance in the corner where board bruising may occur.
  • Mitre cut is registered by a pair of centrally locating guides that the locator slides into, ensuring a cut central to the channel, even when cutting off-centre matrix.
  • Replaceable cutting anvil, manufactured from non-ferrous alloy for longer blade life and features a self-levelling design for greater accuracy.

SureCut Press Knife

Matrix removal tool

Still using a chisel or craft knife? You need the SureCut Press Knife.

Designed to have perfect balance between handle and blade, SureCut Press Knife. offers excellent dexterity.

The specially-ground double angle blade has a feather edge to slip easily under both the matrix and the adhesive layer of the matrix, allowing it to be lifted cleanly away from the platen.